A Dereux church organ from Belgium, probably from the late 1960s

The history of the organ

Hugo de Smet from Wetteren in Belgium is active in the field of household eviction.

Over the years, he has developed a good sense of objects worth preserving. This old neglected organ caught his eye, and he decided to keep it, clean it up a bit, and place an ad looking for candidates.

That's how we got in touch. The organ was professionally packed and transported by Hugo.

The start of a long restoration...

The organ was a home for some squirrels :)


Two weeks later: 

First impression after wake-up. Most tones are there, but with a rolling R, like a grizzly bear singing....

Special thanks to Ondřej for helping me :) 

Have an impression here:

One belt of the generator broke, and I had to make a new one: Just one meter of double sewn satin ribbon, less than 1 Euro.

Enough to give the generator a new drive :)

The amplifier is a complete mess. Previous owners raped this beautiful composition of basic electrical elements. 

For now I just use the pre amp, and first focus on repair of a lot of small damages to the system.

After restoration of most technical parts and connections, the result becomes audible ...


to be continued...